Salman Khan takes pride in being ‘Mommy’s Boy’

MUMBAI: Dumdaar Salman Khan is back with the third and exciting season of the most loved show Dus Ka Dum which will air on Sony Entertainment Television starting 4th June. As the shoot of the episodes progresses, Salman in his inimitable style reveals the most treasured experiences of his life.

While contestants Abhishek Garg from Udaipur and Shama Parween from Bareilly were competing with each other in the very first round, Salman Khan asked the question, “What percentage of Indians experience peace while sleeping in their mother’s lap?” This question instantly brought a smile on everyone’s faces including Salman. Its at that moment that Salman revealed something that melted everyone’s hearts!

A family man that he is, Salman loves being around his parents and siblings. The Dumdaar host revealed that he loves the smell of her mother’s hands and that he used to find it extremely comforting till he turned 17. He said that when he was a child, he used to feel car sick. During one such journey, as he laid his head on his mom’s lap, he held her hand to his face. He not only felt caressed but he slept without any worry. He really cares for his mother and loves it when she pampers him. In fact he went on to add that people who haven’t slept in their mother’s lap are missing a heavenly experience!

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