Sameera to spawn a deathly trap for the Modi family in Star Plus’ Saathiya

All is well that ends well. Star Plus’ long running popular daily Saath Nibhana Saathiya (Rashmi Sharma Telefilms) is set to go off air by the third week of this month and therefore the storyline of the series is progressing towards a happy ending. But before it ends, there are some final twists in tale that will bring the show to a gritty culmination. Needless to say, it would keep the viewers hooked to the series.
In the recent episodes, Sameera’s (Priya Tandon) ulterior motives and evil games came out in the open and she confessed about it as well. It seems things have taken a turn for the better in the Modi family now. Well, not really! At least the recent tidings suggest that this happy atmosphere is short-lived.
And whatever is about to happen in the next few episodes, will blow everyone’s mind. Read on –
Our source informs us, “Furious over Ricky (Rohit Suchanti), Sameera will again play an evil game with the family and this time it is going to be deadly.
Sameera will captivate the Modi family members with the help of goons and place a bomb on them. She will then challenge Gopi over a game of chess, telling her that the lives of her family members will be saved only if Gopi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee) wins it.”
Our source has further revealed that, notwithstanding Sameera’s evil intentions, the good will finally win and that Jaggi (Mohammad Nazim) will manage to rescue all the members from Sameera’s deadly trap and get her arrested.
OMG! That’s some drama. The last few episodes on this Tv show will give the viewers gooseflesh for sure.
Keep reading this space for more updates.

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