Samir and Arjun to battle it out in Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai

Sony TV’s Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai has been getting rave reviews for its subtlety. Viewers have already seen how Naina (Ashi Singh) has started developing feelings for Samir (Randeep Raii). Internally she has started liking Samir and ignores all his bad habits.
Now, in the coming episodes this week, the daily will see a high-voltage drama. has learnt that the class of the protagonists will see the hunt for new Head-Boy.
Samir and Arjun played by Somendra Solanki, who happens to be Ashi’s brother will be a part of the ratrace for being the Head-Boy.
According to our little birdie, the participants will have to go through various tasks to be the Head Boy. “They’ll have to go through a written test, then a practical test which will be a sports competition.”
The competition would be fierce. Samir’s friends will try to make sure that Arjun is not even able to attend the exam. “If Arjun won’t attend the written exam, he will be out of the competition and Samir will win the much coveted title.”
However, it is Samir who will request his friends to be fair. “He doesn’t want to win the title deceitfully and convinces his friends to refrain from any wrong doing.”
We’ve also learnt that there will be a cricket competition that the series will witness. Seems the Shashi-Sumeet Productions will run on the lines of the 2012 film Student of The Year.
Meanwhile, Naina’s feelings for Samir will intensify, so much so that she will be completely oblivious to Samir’s rivalry with her own brother.
Keep reading this space for mire such spoilers.

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