Shakti: Harman brings Soumya home, major ‘Showdown’ to follow!

Get ready for another ‘SLAP’ drama…

Harman has proved that his love for Soumya is as strong as rock and nobody can brainwash his feelings for his lady love in Shakti.

Harman rushed to save Soumya from the huge fall while she was trying to escape and now he will take a drastic step against his family.

Harman will announce about his homecoming and hearing this, Preeto will ask Mahi to get ready in her bridal suit to get married to Harman. But Preeto and Mahi will be shocked when Harman will return home with Soumya!

Mahi will get miffed to an extent that she will bring the house down with a series of confrontations with Harman about his relationship with Soumya. Not only that, Mahi will ask Harman to burn a sweater woven by Soumya for him. On denial, she will get agitated and will swing her hand to slap Soumya for disrupting her marriage and once again, it will be none other than Harman who will stand in support of Soumya!

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