Shilpa Shinde is forgiven by Somi Khan and Saba Khan, but for what?

Shilpa Shinde is one of the most famous contestants Bigg Boss history. She was loved by the audiences last year and had a massive fan following, which led to her winning the Bigg Boss title. Her fans were very excited to see her in the show once again. Shilpa along with TV actor Karan Patel entered the house to moderate the first task of the latest season of the high-voltage reality show.

During the task, she supported the Khan sisters, Saba and Somi, who have managed to grab a lot of eyeballs by picking unnecessary fights inside the house. In an unseen video, the sisters are talking about the ex-winner and expressing their fondness for Shilpa. They also forgive her. But for what?

Well, on the premiere episode, when the sisters came on the stage, it was said that the sisters would give a tough competition to the celebrities, but Shilpa had a different take on this and said that many people enter with women empowerment on their minds, but things change inside that house. That seemed like a dig on the Khan sisters. The sisters didn’t like that, but after Shilpa supported them in the task, the two seemed pacified.

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