Shocking twist: This Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan character is a stripper

MUMBAI: The comeback of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan happened this year thanks to the demand of its loyal fans. The show seems to be high on love with intense romantic scenes and emotions. Last week’s episode made the fans go all gaga with the intense romance of MaNan, where they finally made love.

After a rather confusing episode and a mind-blowing twist of Smaran and Inaya’s consummation, the makers have a bigger shocker in stores for the viewers. Manik and Zubin gatecrash Mukti’s spinster party. While everyone is having fun and romance is around the corner, there’s a major twist ahead.

Zubin, on the other hand, seems a little devious during the bachelorette. He will be seen giving a cold shoulder to the stripper as if he somehow knows the stripper. The loyal fans are aware of everything about Mukti as well as the other characters. However, not much is known about the latest entrant Zubin. On the other hand, Jeff who has feelings for Mukti will also warn her to give this marriage a second thought.

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While the makers will hook you with a cliff-hanger in the upcoming episode, business degree has exclusive information about the track. A little birdie informs that Zubin’s dark secret would be soon revealed. Currently, Zubin is trying to hide something from everyone. And the thing that he is hiding in the dirt from his past.

What do you think of Parth Samthaan and Niti Taylor?

Apparently, Zubin was giving a cold shoulder to the stripper, since he knew him. Zubin himself was a stripper and has hidden this thing from Mukti and everyone.

How will this be revealed and how Mukti and her friends will react to this? All of your questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes of the web show. The ninth episode will soon go on air on Voot. Stay tuned to Voot to know what happens ahead in your favorite show.

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