Shooting, gossip, lunches; TV actors miss their sets

Many TV actors were shooting their shows when the country-wide lockdown was announced. While they wait for the restrictions to be lifted, here is what they are missing.

Parull Chaudhry: I have been missing my co-actors and the team. Secondly, I am missing the busy ambiance of the set, the roll, rolling, action, cut.

Vijayendra Kumeria: I am facing the camera I just love my job. So, of course, I am missing acting. I am also missing sharing lunch with co-actors and our director Ranjan sir.

Aparna Dixit: Being in front of the camera and bringing my character to life! The chit chat sessions with my co-actors Rahul and Sheetal and my everyday evening fruits platter that Rahul would forcefully made me eat.

Rohitashv Gour: I miss my amazing friendly team and the camera. I am also missing the word ‘action’ which we have been connected for almost 12 hours every day since the last 15 years continuously. I also miss my busy schedule.

Rishina Kandhari: I miss eating lunch with everyone as we all used to have a lavish spread. Everyone used to get different dishes from home and all the actors used to eat together. I also miss rehearsals of scenes as we mostly used to shoot 10-page scenes in one shot. One fumble and we had to reshoot the entire thing, so we used to rehearse it 10 times before. All the improvisations were a lot of fun with all the talented actors in my show.

Amal Sehrawat: The two things which I will miss about my show’s shoot is that firstly I miss every person on the set. When you shoot almost thirty days in a month and eighteen hours per day, then everybody who is present on the set becomes your family member, whether it’s your co-actors, directors, creatives, productions. I am missing each and every person on the set. I am also missing the fun of being in front of the camera, getting news scripts every day and saying lines in a different manner.

Rahul Sharma: The first thing I am missing from the shoot is shooting itself. The track which was going on was very interesting. I was waiting for the next change in Sarthak and Srishti’s life, so that I what I am missing right now. I wanted to see the kind of reaction the audience would give me. There was a transformation in my character and other characters as well. There were a lot of things for which I was excited to do and now I am waiting for the lockdown get over so that I can go back to shoot again. The second thing which I am missing is my co-star especially Aparna and Sheetal and our lunches together. Lots of time I used make evening snacks too for everyone, that is what I am missing as well.

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