Shrenu Parikh is being DEJECTED despite taking precautionary measures and self-quarantining for SAFETY from CONVID -19!

The current scenario of the world trying their level best to survive from pandemic Corona Virus has not affected our efficiency to bring about fresh updates on Television shows for our avid readers.

The entire world is in terror with the latest Corona Virus affecting zillions across the globe. As a precatory measure, India has called for an alert and Mumbai, which is the financial hub of the country has schools, colleges and workplaces asking their employees to work from home.

We have loved watching Shrenu Parikh on television and can’t wait to see her in another character soon. However, she was recently in Chicago, America and returned home due to the pandemic. However, she has not been received well in her vicinity. Apparently, her fellow residents in her building are maintaining distance from her making her feel dejected.

Narrating her experience, Shrenu shared, “Everyone knows I’ve just returned from America and I was in Chicago and not Costa Rica. I’m not someone who’s risking one’s own life foolishly in these times. I had to come back before the situation in the States goes worse and I travelled with proper precautions like all the flight members did! I understand the panic.

I have self-quarantined and I am aware of the necessary precautions I have to take care. The BMC too have stamped! I was checked at the airport and it’s been a week since then!

A little compassion wouldn’t hurt anyone. Especially when the person in question is cooperating and isn’t running away! We have doctors who will be made available and moreover, I am responsible citizen.”

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