Sneha Wagh on Bigg Boss: Dipika Kakkar is sweet but is playing a game

MUMBAI: All those who have been following Bigg Boss this season would have been sure to sense the enmity that the housemates have towards actor Dipika Kakkar. She has been accused of trying to hog the limelight by slaving in the kitchen, trying to be extra sweet to the other inmates and getting aggressive in tasks. However, actor Sneha Wagh, who is an active follower of the show, likes Dipika. “I don’t know her personally but whatever I am seeing in the show, I think she is a very sweet personality. Of course, she also she is playing a game. She is playing the game without showing that she is playing the game, which makes her unique,” says Sneha.

Sneha’s close friend Megha Dhade, the winner of Marathi Bigg Boss, has also entered the show, and the former couldn’t be happier. “I feel really proud of her, she has come a very long way and the way she has entertained everybody in Marathi Bigg Boss was amazing. I think she was the charm of Marathi Bigg Boss. If she was not there in Marathi Bigg Boss, it would have been so boring. Now, as she has entered Hindi Bigg Boss, I am sure she will be the same way. I know she can do anything and everything. She stands for herself and her friends, she will never leave personal relationships for something which she doesn’t want or doesn’t believe in. She really has good values and is definitely a strong contender,” says Sneha.

Ask her who her favourite contestant is, and she says, “I don’t have favourites but I like to watch Sreesanth, Deepika and Romil. I think Deepak Thakur is very smart, also Saba- Somi; the Khan sisters are very entertaining. I like to see all of them and now of course Megha.”

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