Their d*cks should be cut off: Kamya Punjabi on the Kathua gang-rape

Mumbai: The unfortunate incident that occurred in Kathua district in Kashmir has left everyone dazed and shocked. For the uninitiated, an eight-year-old girl named Asifa Bano was kidnapped, raped repeatedly for four days, sedated in a temple and murdered by a stone. The details that the charge sheet revealed were gruesome and shockingly disgraceful.

business degree got in touch with many actors who are blessed with daughters to get their perspective about the whole incident. In an exclusive conversation with business degree, TV actress and Bigg Boss fame Kamya Punjabi, shared her angst against the incident.

She said, “I was driving and was alone when I heard this news. I was so angry. The first thing that came to my mind was that these people talk about safai (cleanliness), why don’t they clean such kind of people.”

“I have spoken about this earlier as well that as long as some strict actions are taken against such people, these things will keep on happening. I firmly believe that just like abroad where if a person robs his hands are cut off, you should cut off their (rapists) dicks. This is the apt punishment,” she further added.

Kamya, who has been part of many shows and is currently seen in Colors’ Shakti, is a mother of an eight year old daughter. And Punjabi, despite being a strong woman herself, is scared for her daughter.

“I have an eight year old, I get bloody scared. I’m scared when my daughter goes to school, when she plays in the building. I’m strong but I get scared when it comes to my daughter. Who do I trust? I don’t trust anyone,” she said.

Her agony is such that she has lost faith.

She said, “I’m not going to sing patriotic songs on 15 August and 26 January. There’s no stopping to it. I feel girls should not be born in this nation. We say ‘Beti Bachao’ but we need to stop this nonsense. This is all bullshit. There’s no one to save daughters, so this country doesn’t deserve daughters. I boycott to vote henceforth. I don’t want to vote. I’m so furious right now. Imagine what the victim must have gone through, what her parents will be going through. The accused will get free one-day eventually. Then what? Their dicks should be chopped. So that the next time before a man feels like touching a woman, they’ll have this in their mind.”

“All we do is tweet, do vigils, and the circle just goes on repeating. It is sick. We need to do something,” she added.

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