This Star Plus Dopahar show tops TRP charts in UK!

It’s been only a few weeks that Siddharth P. Malhotra and Sapna Malhotra’s (Alchemy Films) ‘Love Ka Hai Intezaar’ has come on-air and the show has already achieved the number one position in the UK television charts.
The show which is launched in Star Plus Dopahar slot is being loved by the audience for its unique concept.
And actress Sara Arfeen Khan who plays the character of Vijaylaxmi is very happy with the achievement.
She says, “I am super excited with this news. With the amount of hard work and dedication we have put into making the television show, I am not surprised that we are number one in UK.”
Speaking more about her role, Sara adds, “People love my character! Every day I get compliments on social media my for my powerful yet subtle expressions. I have been complimented over and over about the way I express through my eyes. I am really grateful for the immense love and appreciation I have received from my fans, producers, the cast and crew. I love playing this character as it has so many layers to it. As an actor, this satisfies my creative abilities.”
Describing further, Sara says,”Vijalaxmi is a Maharani who has to maintain her dignity and poise. She protects her family and has no tolerance for people, animals or even birds who cross their limits! She is not in love with her Maharaja, Madhav (Keith) but still maintains her status and power.”
Well, we are sure that as much as Sara is loved, the audience showers appreciation for the show equally.

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