Tough to say goodbye to a show with a dream run of 600 episodes: Ssharad Malhotra on Kasam ending

MUMBAI: Change is the only constant in the world. In the television industry, change and growth help an actor reach new heights.

Colors TV’s Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki will soon go off-air after being on TV for more than 2 years. Actor Ssharad Malhotra says that it’s not easy for him to bid adieu to the team of his show, which is ending this month. The actor also says he has some amazing memories of being a part of it. ‘A show winding up is never pleasant in any case whatsoever, especially for a show that had a dream run of 600 episodes. It gets all the more difficult to let it go. Having said that, as they say, “The show must go on.” Life moves on, and we need to move on as well. I have some very happy memories associated with the show. We really bonded as a team and had some great moments on- and off-screen as well,” he said.

Talking about some interesting moments off-screen, Ssharad says, ‘The bloopers in between shots were so funny! The craziness of all the actors on set, the fun, masti we had during the shoots…the chai sessions with all the actors sitting together in a circle, the occasional get-togethers, the usual gossiping/bitching but in a very healthy space… I will miss all of this. The entire unit would appreciate and clap after a good shot. There are tons and tons of moments I could pen down that shall be cherished for times to come.’

However, he will miss his bond with his team the most. ‘I will really miss the cast and crew of Kasam, because we started off as individuals who were not on the same page and had some creative and personal differences, but we evolved and are finally ending the show like one big happy family.’

The actor says that he shares an amazing equation with the rest of the cast. ‘Having won the best Jodi on-screen at a couple of award ceremonies proves that Kratika (Sengar) and I undoubtedly had superb chemistry on- and off-screen too. We were chilled out as well, with occasional hiccups here and there, which is normal and human,’ he says.

‘Working with Vibha Chibberji and Vijay Kashyapji was such a learning and enriching experience. Both of them are such stalwarts in their own respective styles and brought so much to the floor. It was a delight for us to watch, learn, and work together as co-actors,’ he adds.

The actor wants to try a love story or a comedy show as his next project. ‘If I may say, this was my 3rd consecutive super successful show on television. What more could one ask for…Now, I’m looking out for something more challenging, something that helps me raise my own bar and helps me grow further as an actor. Maybe a thriller, another super intense love story, or maybe a comedy too. I wouldn’t mind experimenting with a completely new genre as well.’

But before he jumps into a new project, he wants a small break. ‘After 600 mega episodes…27 months of daily work, I will be taking a small breather before I get back to some intense grinding,’ he says. Ssharad shares, ‘I haven’t decided though, maybe I’ll go to Kolkata (home) or someplace in East Europe, where I’ve been wanting to go for a while.’

As he revels in the success of the show, Ssharad makes sure to thank his fans as well for their unending love and support. ‘Last but never the least, a big thank you to all my fans and the viewers of Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki, who showered so much love on both the characters (Rishi Singh Bedi and Ranbir Kapoor). They stuck by me through thick and thin and deserve all my respect and love. A big shout out to my SM army, as they lovingly call it, and I promise you guys I’ll be back soon! God bless and God speed.’

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