TV actress Divya Chouksey passes away after battling cancer

TV actress Divya Chouksey has passed away. She was suffering from cancer. Divya’s cousin Soumya Verma and Kundali Bhagya actress Anjum Fakih have confirmed the heartbreaking news of her death through their posts on social media. Divya’s cousin Soumya Verma shared a post on Facebook, in which she wrote that her cousin passed away at a very young age after battling cancer. She had done an acting course in London, and was also a model. She has worked in several films, and television shows.

Divya’s cousin’s post read, “श्रधान्जली कुमारी दिव्या चौकसे मुझे बड़े दुख के साथ ये बताना पड़ रहा है की मेरी cousin divya Chouksey का cancer की बजह से बहुत छोटी सी उम्र मे आज निधन हो गया है London से acting का course किया था वो एक बहुत अच्छी model भी थी, उन्होने कई सारी फिल्मो मे काम किया और serials मे भी काम किया , singing मे भी उन्होने अपना नाम कमाया । और आज वो हमें यू छोड़ कर चली गायी। ईश्वर उन की आत्मा को शन्ति दे। R I P.”

Meanwhile, Divya’s last Instagram story read, “Words cannot suffice what I want to convey, the more the less, since it’s been months am absconded and bombarded with Plethora of messages, it’s time I tell you guys, I’m on my deathbed. shit happens, I’m strong af. be there another life of non sufering. No questions please. only god knows how much you mean to Me.”

Kundali Bhagya actress Anjum Fakih’s post read, “Wherever you are needy… Am sure that you are happier than ever before… You won’t be missed DC.. you are too special for that… An actor, a singer,a writer,an entrepreneur, a true diva… Shine on behen… Shine on Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon May your soul rest in eternal peace P.s : grab a popcorn needy cuz we both gonna chill in heaven and dayuummm am gonna watch Jennifer’s body 1000 times with you .. I love you….”

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