Viewers hate me so much and I want to keep that hatred alive: Peeyush Suhane on Zakhmi

MUMBAI: Peeyush Suhane is a budding artiste in the entertainment industry today. From Savdhaan India to Crime Patrol and innumerable episodics, Peeyush has aced the antagonist’s role and made a place in people’s hearts, so much so that he can proudly say that people love to hate him.

In addition to television and films, a lot of Bollywood and television actors are turning towards the digital medium because it is bold and offers immense creative satisfaction compared to other mediums. And Peeyush, who has been hunger driven to play challenging roles, found solace in the digital medium as he marked his debut with unparalleled filmmaker Vikram Bhatt!

Peeyush played the character of MK, the antagonist, in Zakhmi, which stars Ruslaan Mumtaz and Tia Bajpai in lead roles.

Talking about his experience working with Vikram, Peeyush said, ‘It was a pleasurable experience working with Vikram Bhatt, more so because of the creative freedom I had been given. I had been given a brief that the character would be a hardcore negative one. I could drive the character in the way I wanted. This was my digital debut and I wanted to do something that was powerful in content. I wanted a strong platform and a presentable character.’

‘I have been receiving positive feedback from the entire team and the audience too. The viewers hate me so much, and I want to keep that hate alive.’

Talking about his Bollywood career, Peeyush stated, ‘I have five films scheduled to be released, one of them being Prakash Jha’s Fraud Saiyyan.’

‘I am not a hero on television or films, and that works in my favour. I can pull off any role, as I am not stereotyped. So be it TV, films, or digital, one thing that I will now make sure is to do work that is at par with Zakhmi or better than that. I am not restricting myself to any medium, but I want to be creatively satisfied.’

We wish Peeyush all the best for his future endeavours!

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