What? Rahul to die in Kaal Bhairav Rahasya

Star Bharat’s drama mystery, Kaal Bhairav Rahasya (Ravi Garani) is performing fairly well in keeping those engaged who have their interest piqued in the genre.

business service has caught hold of some important details of the upcoming track. A little birdie close to the show gave us a shocking piece of news that left us speechless.

According to sources, Rahul (Rahul Sharma), the protagonist of the daily will die in the narrative! However hold on your horses!

Rahul’s character will be shown dead but only for a while.

Why and how?

Well, the writers haven’t scripted a perfect execution of the same as yet. Nonetheless the promos are already shot.This will be major drama that the makers are planning to bring in and it will give an impetus to the storyline.

For now, the upcoming episodes will see Rahul getting imprisoned in the upcoming track.

We tried contacting Rahul to know more about the track; however he asked us to call later.

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