When Naveen Bawa made Hiba cry on sets

The cast of newly launched daily series Bhaag Bakool Bhaag (Edit II) on Colors is efficiently making audience laugh with its comic timings.
The cast never miss an opportunity to have fun on sets whenever they get some little time out of their work schedules.
We hear that Hiba Nawab who is essaying the role of Sheena on the show was recently pranked by veteran actor Naveen Bawa, who plays her on-screen dad.
Naveen, who is good at playing tricks on sets, got to know that Hiba has a fear of creeping crawlies like spiders and cockroaches. He thus decided to have fun with Hiba.
Executing his idea, he kept some impeccable replicas of insects and small reptiles in Hiba’s dressing room and some corners of the set to scare her.
This was nothing in front of the lizard trick that he played on Hiba. She started crying to see a rubber lizard in her lunch box. Eventually, Naveen admitted that he was the mastermind behind all the pranks and the duo had a good laugh.
Well, its good to have fun amidst work. Isn’t it?

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