Zara wins over Kabir in Zee TV’s Ishq Subhan Allah

MUMBAI: Zee TV’s Ishq Subhan Allah is keeping viewers glued with it’s unlimited dose of drama, romance and twists.

Off late the fans of Ishq Subhan Allah are sad as the lead couple Zara (Eisha Singh) and Kabir (Adnan Khan) have parted ways. Zara is fighting hard as she thinks that even women should be allowed to perform namaz in mosque. However, Kabir is against the idea and due to change of thoughts it creates misunderstanding between the two.

Now in the coming episodes, finally Zara and Kabir will come face to face to hear the final verdict on the decision. And guess what? Zara will win over husband Kabir.

Yes, the decision will come in favour of Zara. This would leave Kabir disappointed.

Also, the situation will worsen when few ladies will say good words about Zara and how Kabir is known to be her husband. Kabir will feel bad as he wants his own identity and want to stand on his own feet.

Let’s wait and watch how Kabir and Zara resolve their misunderstandings and comeback together.

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