BB13: Rashami-Mahira imitate Madhurima-Vishal; reveals why Mahira became speechless

Bigg Boss 13 has witnessed lots of ups and downs till now. From friends turning foes to lovers turning stern enemies, the show has witnessed many surprising and shocking things.

Ex-lovers Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh who entered the house created quite a havoc with their presence. The couple indulged into constant fights and arguments and sometimes matters got worsened which increased tension between them.

In the recent turn of events, Madhurima got physical by beating Vishal with a frying pan. Not just the housemates, but the viewers and Salman Khan too was agitated by this violent behaviour. Vishal too has been showing the same kind of behaviour towards Madhurima in the past. In spite of several warnings, none of them changed and they have been apparently thrown out of the house by Salman.

And now, Madhurima has shared a video where we can see Rashami Desai imitating Vishal while Mahira imitating Madhurima. Both have tried the best to imitate these ex-lovers. However, in the middle of their act, Mahira gets speechless as she doesn’t know how to react. Shedding a light on this, Madhurima reveals how in reality she faced issues while dealing with Vishal.

Well, Vishal and Madhurima are one such pair who has been constant at loggerheads for some or the other reason. We hope they sort out their differences soon.

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