Siddharth showers compliments on Shehnaaz

Fun and frolic is a part of the Bigg Boss house just as much as the fights and arguments. The contestants who are under constant supervision have found ways to entertain themselves and the others in the house in the most unique ways. Some of the inmates have become closer than the others and one such couple is Shehnaaz and Siddharth. In the latest clip of Unseen Undekha on VOOT, catch Shehnaaz getting Siddharth to compliment her in her own unique way.

While Siddharth is resting between his work out, Shehnaaz dares him to close his eyes and picks up his footwear off his foot and runs away. When Siddharth pleads her to give it back, she says, “Siddharth irritate mat ho, pyaar se bol,” before asking him to compliment her. Siddharth tries to shorten the adventure by replying in a monotone, “Tu bohot pyaari baate karti hai, tu poore time entertain karti hai, bohot maza aata hai tere saath baat karne me, mai jo tere saath waqt guzaar raha hu – bohot acha lag raha hai,” and then demands, “De abhi.”

Shehnaaz complains and says, “Yeh nahi tareef hoti!” Siddharth continues in a monotone, “Tere baal pe yeh naye colour bohot ache lag rahe hai. Tere baal bohot Katrina type lag rahe hai, yeh look teri ekdum Katrina jaisi hai. ‘Just Chill Chill’ karti hai ekdum Katrina lagti hai,” while Shehnaaz does the hook step of the song ‘Just Chill.’ As Siddharth starts getting agitated, Shehnaaz points at her face and asks him to compliment all her facial features and giggles every few minutes.

Siddharth plays along and says, “Bohot acchi aankhe hai teri, eyebrows bohot acchi lag rahi hai teri. Tera forehead bhi acha hai, cheeks tere itne ache hai, fluffy fluffy se. Aur teri naak pe jo freckles hai bohot ache lagte hai. Teri lips bohot achi lagti hai, uspe lipstick jo bahar tak rehti hai bohot achi lagti hai,” and tries one more time to get his footwear baack, “Chal ab de nah yaar,” before continuing, “Teri chin bohot pyaari hai, double chin toh bikul nahi hai, ek single chin hai. Jab tu aayi thi, do the ab tune ek gava di hai. Tera gala itna payara hai, pehele usme do – do tyre the, abhi nahi hai. Ohh yeh jo tera necklace hai, uspe Shehnaaz likha hai woh chain bohot pyaari hai.”

Siddharth finally gives up and irritably asks Shehnaaz for his footwear back, however, Shehnaaz teases him more and then asks him to kiss her on her forehead before she finally gives it back to him and then follows him to the work out area.

The duo constantly give us such cute moments to binge on along with being a super entertaining pair that never fails to bring a smile to our faces. Catch more such cute moments and anecdotes between the two only on Unseen Undekha streaming exclusively on VOOT.

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