Zain lookalike will be entering the show and he will be wearing specs and a hat. He is seen kissing a girl and hugs her. Na Jaane Kahan Se Aayega plays while he sits in his car and leaves. He will be a thief and people will run after him to catch him.

Reporter says Aliya’s Zain has changed. You might be thinking why Zain has changed her attire. He is not Zain, but his lookalike Rocket who will make everyone go unconscious.

Harshad says he is not Zain and a new character entered the show whose name is Rocket. He is a con guy, smooth and fluent. Very charming with girls and very selfish. He can do anything for money. Can use anybody to earn the money.

Reporter says there is no similarities between Zain and Rocket. Thiefs run after him and he is also famous among girls. Zain says, Zain is very emotional, sober and proper guy. Rocket is loose character and can do anything for money.

Bilal gets confused seeing Zain with a girl. It will be interesting to see new character Rocket. Keep reading.

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