Bigg Boss 13: Is Paras Chhabra using Mahira Sharma for publicity?

Bigg Boss 13 is currently one of the most popular reality TV shows. The show is hosted by Bollywood star Salman Khan. The drama in the house is in full swing and the same has kept the audience hooked to the television screens.

The varied tasks and activities of the contestants are entertaining the fans. One of the contestants who have been making headlines for his affair is Paras Chhabra. Paras, who has been thriving on his love angles inside, be it Shehnaaz Gill or Mahira Sharma, has obviously upset his girlfriend Akansha Puri outside. However, Puri still is supporting him.

Now, an interesting thing has come out in the open. A source reveals to Pinkvilla that Paras has apparently sent a letter to Puri explaining why he is doing what he is doing inside and that there is no truth to what she is seeing.

The source told, “Paras sent a letter to Puri in which he has said that the show likes the love angle and hence he is ‘using’ Mahira as his bait as she can be easily manipulated unlike Shehnaaz who is a stronger candidate and can flip anytime. Mahira is a ‘pyada’ for him to survive in the show and be noticed.

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