Sherlyn stands in solidarity against the acts of violence at JNU

With the recent terrifying events witnessed by the Indian citizens, many B-Town stars have taken a stand against the ongoing terror attacks. The protests against terror and violence have been making headlines almost every day.
It can be said that Delhi hasn’t been at rest since over a month due to relentless attacks at Delhi’s renowned universities, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI).

The social media portals of prominent personalities are filled with rage and concern over the spirit of unrest and insecurity all across the nation.

Sherlyn Chopra, being an influential personality expressed her rage against the violence at JNU by urging PM Narendra Modi to take stringent measures against the trouble makers.
She urged the PM to have an investigation initiated so as to identify the hooligans and the terrorists residing in our nation and to deal with them with severity.

Sherlyn, who has turned into a Producer-Actor-Director doesn’t like to be diplomatic when it comes to taking an unequivocal stand against violence, terrorism & communalism.

She will soon be launching her own OTT platform which will showcase high-quality story-driven content, appealing to both the masses & the classes.

Her grit to take a firm stand against the ongoing acts of violence in the nation and to question the PM is commendable.

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