Bigg Boss 13: When Arti Singh spoke about being poor

Bigg Boss 13 might be over but the craze around it is not. Various unseen clips from the season continue to float around for fans to watch. One such video that has appeared is that of actress Arti Singh, known to be one of the most dignified contestants of the show. The clip shows the actress speaking to Shefali Jariwala and Mahira Sharma of her childhood and Chichi mama (Govinda).

On several occasions during the show, Arti has been vocal about her past. However, this is the first time we hear the actress speak about her tough childhood, her complexities and insecurities, and the most precious gift she’s given her friend – Nimisha Pandey.

In the video the actress shares how at times she blames herself for the financial loss her father bore right after she was born, the reason why she can’t stand jokes made on her, the time when her mother couldn’t afford to buy her a sword and made do with a cardboard cut-out of it, how she looked forward to all her cousins birthday’s only to get return gifts and the significance of a paper boat in her life.

While her family didn’t have enough money to buy return gifts for Arti’s birthday, she took it upon herself to make one. From the pages of a notebook, she made several paper boats to give as return gifts but tore them immediately out of shame.

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