TV stars who opened up about their break-ups on social media

Break-ups aren’t easy to handle. While some TV celebs like to keep the details personal, there are others who make it public to end all speculation. In recent times, many celebs have openly announced their split officially on social media and there are others who got back at their exes for the hurt caused to them. Have a look at these stars who made shocking revelations about their break-ups on social media.

1. When Neha Kakkar broke-up with Himansh Kohli, both of them made it apparent on social media by unfollowing each other. Neha then shared emotional posts on her Instagram story in December 2018, where she wrote, ‘I know I’m a celeb..I’m not supposed to write all this.. but I’m human too… and aaj kuch zyada hi toot gayi, isliye couldn’t control my feelings.’ She further added how celebs are humans too and vulnerable but they have to keep smiling as they are seen in public. Cut to 2020, Himansh’s new interview in BT made Neha upset because of the allegations laid against her. She again took to her Instagram and asked Himansh to get famous due to his work and not by using her name.

2. It’s only recently that actress Sana Khan made her split with choreographer Melvin Louis public. Just like Neha Kakkar’s, hers was far from an amicable one. She accused Melvin of cheating on her with multiple girls and called him a compulsive liar. In several other Instagram stories and posts, she also revealed how he took advantage of girls due to his profession and fooled them into sleeping with him. Sana also threw a hint about suffering from domestic violence in a video she posted recently. Melvin’s reply so far has only been through cryptic posts. He responded by sharing a video with the caption, ‘For the win #BulatiHaiMagarJaaneKaNahi #Lapeto #TruthWillPrevail.’

3. Srishty Rode broke up with fiance Manish Naggdev right after Bigg Boss 12. They had been in a relationship for over 4 years. While it was rumoured that Srishty had found a friend in Rohit Suchanti, Manish was left alone. In his note on Instagram, Manish revealed that Srishty broke up with him over a phone call. She told him, ‘I am at the peak of my career. I don’t wish to be in this relationship anymore and as it is I am detached, what is left to talk about?’ This came as a shock to Manish who questioned how his fiancee could break the relationship which was heading towards marriage over a single phone call. The actor shared how he felt he deserved a proper closure. In the same note, Manish added that it was his friends and family who helped him see how he ‘was manipulated and used for professional gains’.

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