Weekend ka vaar, segment is shown. Video call is connected to big boss house. Everyone dances on song ‘mera hi jalwa’. Salman Khan enjoys it. Salman Khan announces that every week, panels will come on stage which will comprise of different celebrities. This weekend, comes the ex-bigg boss contestants, VJ Andy and Kamya Punjabi. Salman welcomes them.

Kamya says, two weeks have passed still audience and we feel like you are all frightened. Kamya asks Karishma, what you think is the reason behind not opening up of contestants. Karishma says, I feel like some people are conscious, but when I was about to come in Bigg boss I said, I can’t be fake. I behave what I feel inside. There are a lot of people who are not opening up.

Kamya asks Arya, why are you behaving like you are giving some audition all the time. Why are you not free? VJ andy says, I feel like you are hiding behind girls. When you rather people you say let’s go on and then you don’t say anything at all or when you say its something wrong. Arya responds, Its not like I am scared or I conceal behind girls.

Kamya says to Pritham, whats wrong with you? You were a tad active in the first week. You used to comment on everything of Natasa. You looked evil back then.

Kamya says to Puneet, we all know you are a nice man but you can’t keep everyone happy. VJ andy says can you keep everyone in the world happy? He says no but I try to. Kamya says, people will get you wrong. This is Bigg boss’s house and there will be no relations here. I mean this season is weird, everyone has made siblings. You are all individuals. Minissha says when Gautam abused.. Kamya says, tell me what you said? I have heard it a lot. Gatam says bit**. She says yes I am one, stay away. Everyone applauded. VJ says, take this jacket off. You have such a good body you should show it. He follows.

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