Akshara tuns outside to save Naksh as two women are abducting him. Reporter says, how could Akshara tolerate that someone is taking her son with them right in front of her eyes. Some woman called Naksh her son and took him along. Akshara runs outside to look for him. But they have taken him. She is rummaging every where for him.

Akshara says, two women are taking Naksh with them. They said, Naksh is their son. I had a baby girl and her daughter in law had a son, but the kids got exchanged in the maternity home. She has brought a birth certificate our home too.

Naksh’s kidnapping was mere Akshara’s dream. She is really feared due to the demand of those women. Naksh says, this is dream sequence of Akshara. She thinks a lot that’s why she sees it. Akshara says, they keep coming here and they warn us. They are asking for DNA test. Lets see how it goes. Everyone is trying to cheer Akshara up.

Akshara says, You never know this might be true. That’s why I am feared. Its not easy to give your son to someone if it gets proved. The entire family is feared and has said Naksh should not go out.

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