Sooraj and Sandhya have a black cloth covering their eyes. They collide with each other and are confused.
Its the part of surprise that Rathi family has arranged for them.

Off screen Sandhya says, its really good. Sooraj and Sandhya are being tested by the family. They are checking how much we love and know each other.

Whole family dances with on the wedding anniversary. Reporter tells, Sandhy and Sooraj have been dresses as a bride and groom once again. They are sitting on the stage. They had to play a compatibility game in which they had to answer questions related to each other.

Reporter says, Disha is coming with a twist. She has a balloon in her hand. No one knows the conspiracy behind her balloon.

Meenakshi says, We have deocrated the whole house with balloons and flowers. Brought a cake. We asked them questions to know how much they know each other.

Disha says I am here to tell them that its their last anniversary together. Meeankshi says no worries I will bind a bomb behind her.

Reporter says, this time Disha’s target is Zakir instead of Sooraj. Disha says no i am keeping my eyes on Sooraj as well. Zakir says yeah she has hanged everyone. He says there is a drama related to my phone. She wants to change some settings on my phone which will lead to greater consequences.

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