Graveyard is shown, Sandhya and Zakir comes with the police force there. They dig one grave and find the real criminal hiding inside in it. RK comes out of a grave, he is arrested again.

Reporter says, Sandhya has comes to a graveyard to find RK as thinks that Rk ran away from jail hiding in the coffin. In the grave, coffin is opened but dead body is there in the coffin then Sandhya understands that its double decker coffin, the dead body in taken out and RK in lying beneath it with an oxygen mask.

Off-screen Sandhya says, RK was sleeping in the coffin peacefully but finally, we got him. Police and criminal games are always on, but police always win. Zakir jokes we always come on time and catch the criminal. Zakir says, as promised we have caught the criminal.

Reporter says, RK has been busted but he is confidant and thinks that he will run again from jail. he is giving evil smile to sandhya. Rk says, environment was good in coffin till oxygen was on. Reporter says that to shoot this scene, oxygen was given to RK in real and it was a difficult scene as one dead body has to lie on an upper side of the coffin, but even then all did well and Rk was caught.

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