Drama galore in Zee Bangla’s Jamai Raja

A lot of drama is in store for the viewers of Zee Bangla’s Jamai Raja!
Well, in the days to come, it will be seen that Ishaan (Arjun Chakraborty) would want to take Nilasha (Shreema Bhattacherjee) on a date and Nilasha will agree to it.
However, things will take a turn the next moment.
While returning to home Nilasha would get to know that Bibi (Chaiti Ghoshal) has become ill. Doctors would say that she has suffered a heart attack. Nilasha will spend the entire night beside her mother and blame herself for her mother’s illness.
The next day, Ishaan would wait for her in the coffee shop but Nilasha will not come. Later, from the NGO he will get to know that Nilasha will remain out of station for a week.
Where has Nilasha gone? Is it her mother’s plot to keep the two away from each other?

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