We make sure that our reality show Dance + is completely ‘real’: Remo D’souza

Popular dance reality show Dance+ is returning on Star Plus with its third season, and we’re too excited about it. Similar to the last season, we will see Remo D’souza in the role of super judge, and Shakti Mohan, Punit Pathak and Dharmesh Yelande as mentors, and Raghav Juyal as the host.
In conversation with Remo D’souza shares his excitement for the new show, new format and the changing trend of dance in Bollywood.
What is plus in this season?
Plus this season will be new contestants. One thing that remains the same is me, mentors and Raghav. Anything apart from us is a plus in the show. This time, a big plus is also the international crew. Dancers from London, Japan and other countries will be participating and competing against Indian teams. It will be fun to watch who wins the show and hearts of audiences.
As you said, international contestants will be participating in the show, what are the challenges that you’re facing?
Each season brings new challenges with it, but this season is special. A lot of challenges are there, like introduction of new dance forms and judging them, how will the Indian team compete with the international team. The biggest challenge for me was to select the contestants.
What makes Dance+ number one dance reality show?
I think what’s best about our show is that all of us are dancers here. The people who sit here to judge, mentor and host, we all are dancers. We are dancers first and then a judge. We know the journey that the contestants are going through. We make sure that our reality show is real. The dance, our comments, everything is real. That’s the reason why people like our show and I hope they will keep loving it.
There is always a little drama in every reality show. As a creative person, how do you draw the line and balance the drama and reality in your show?
We get Raghav Juyal for the drama part; he completes the show. He is a fantastic dancer first of all, but he’s a very fun host and it comes naturally to him. This time he is doing the show in a different way and the audience will surely like it. As I said earlier, we keep everything real and Raghav is there to balance out our reality with a little nautanki and drama.
Your students, Shakti, Dharmesh, Punit are judging with you, Raghav is hosting. How do you feel about that?
I feel very proud. It’s like a father raising his children only for the day when his children can sit beside him, and do what he has taught him. It’s an emotional feeling for me to see them work with me.
Some contestants like Shakti, Dharmesh, and Punit rose to fame after they did a reality show, but some contestants remain one time wonders, any comments on that?
Well, I’ll solely blame their talent. They couldn’t bring their talent up. If you are talented enough, you will definitely survive. But yes, another aspect to it is hard work. Opportunities do not wait for anyone; you have to grab it with your hard work.
Many people participate in reality shows only to get a chance in the entertainment sector. How do you select the ones who are really passionate for dance?
Well yes. Unfortunately 80% of the people do it. But the best part is till the time they come to me, they are already filtered through my rest of the team. My team finds out best 60-100 genuine people from various small cities. Then choosing 20 contestants for me becomes easier.
How has the dancing trend changed in all these years?
I think the trend has changed only because of reality shows. I think it’s been seven-eight years now that reality shows have got a high point. Audience now knows what is popping and all other dance forms. Reality shows have educated the audiences. Because of this, the trend in Bollywood is also now changing. Actors are experimenting with different forms of dances.
Is it tough for you sometimes to tell the A- list stars like Salman Khan to experiment with their dancing styles, and to tell them to do something new?
No, not at all. In fact, I think it’s a misconception that Salman sir cannot dance. In movies, it’s the characters that dance and not the actors. The dance form and steps that they perform are their own styles and fits their roles. I think Salman sir dances very well in all his films and I hope we collaborate soon in a project.
There have been constant rumors of Salman Khan being a part of your upcoming film ABCD 3. What’s the truth in it?
No, Salman is not a part of ABCD 3. In fact, nothing is finalized about ABCD 3. We’re in talks with him (Salman Khan) for another project with a different storyline. Yes, it does have dancing in it, but the story is very different.
With other competing dance reality shows like Jhalak Dikhla Ja, DID and all, what makes Dance+ unique?
I think our show is unique because we all are dancers and all we talk about is dancing. The contestants in our show are also only dancers and all we want to do is introduce new dance forms to viewers and promote dancing as much as possible.
You’ve directed films and choreographed in it. Will you get into acting?
As of now, I haven’t thought about acting but if anytime in future I feel that I can do a particular character and justify it then I will definitely do it.

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