One nurse points gun on Mukherji.

Reporter says, this nurse was send by Sakshi to kill Raima but she couldn’t do her work and is caught now.

On-scree, Mukherji is taking nurse away from hospital when she snatches gun from him and points at him, she all family members to step aside so she can run from there.

Reporter says, this nurse was caught but sakshi gave her idea to snatch the gun and run from there by pointing gun at police, sakshi did that so that nurse will not take her name in interrogation and can run.

Off-screen Sakshi says, yes there is a lot of excitement. Story has come on a point where there is a lot happening, many twists are coming in and the nurse taking gun in her hands, this idea can be of Sakshi or Durga.

Off-screen Rajnath says, there was murder attempt on Raima earlier but this is not stooping, Raima is not safe and Rajnath is worried for her. He is trying hard to protect her.

Reporter says, Rajnath loves Raima a lot and cannot see her in pain and now when Raima is conscious so he will not leave the one who has tried to kill her and it is none other than his wife Sakshi.

Off-screen Raj says that Audience know that it is all done by Sakshi. Sakshi says there will be fire works and a lot more but what will happen next can be known by watching serial only.

Reporter says that Raima is conscious now and Sakshi cannot be saved for much time as serial is going towards its end as said by producer.

Producer of show siddarth Malhotra have told media that the game going on between Sakshi and Durga will end soon.

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