Emotions run amok on Diwali in the Bigg Boss house

As Vikas, Arshi and Jyoti broke out of the kaalkothri and sneaked into the kitchen to steal Diwali sweets last night, they ended up dropping them on their way back. Hina Khan can’t stand them wasting Diwali sweets just for pulling a prank, and starts yelling at them. Arshi doesn’t sit quietly and lashes back at Hina by abusing her. Hina loses her temper and insults Arshi saying that she won’t be able to show her face to her own family after she leaves the house.
The next morning, keeping up the festive spirit, the contestants wish each other ‘Happy Diwali’ with a hug, setting all their differences aside. Everyone is prepping up and excited to dress up for Diwali. Hina khan gives Sabyasachi a stylish haircut and gives him a brand new look. Sabyasachi loves the cut and can’t get over the fact that it is Hina’s first time giving one. Shilpa, too, is seen grooming the ladies in the house.
On the occasion of Diwali, Bigg Boss gives the ‘Gharwaale’ a golden chance to receive gifts from their families. They are supposed to read messages being flashed on a screen at regular intervals through the day and identify which contestant that particular message is meant for. If their guess is correct, they jump into the pool where the picture of their family is lowered, and they take the key stuck behind it. This key lets them open the box which has their name on them. The task turns out to be an intense emotional ride for everyone.
Later in the evening, contestants dress up in their finest and celebrate Diwali, singing and dancing around the ‘rangoli’ in the lawn area of the Bigg Boss house.

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