This is how TV celebs are set to welcome 2017’s Diwali

Diwali is the festival of lights and it is always celebrated throughout the country with a lot of pomp and splendour. A lot of plans go behind to celebrate it with the show the festival deserves. From buying colourful lights to wearing colourful clothes, from eating scrumptious food items to sweetmeats, Diwali is that time of the year that sees a lot of celebration from all the nooks and corners.
The Indian television industry is known for it’s round the clock operation. It barely stops working. The actors get tired shooting all the time with the costumes, in front of those huge lights and other paraphernalia. All of it is very taxing and exacting.
However, during Diwali some of the constant strenuous hoots take some time off and every actor is busy in celebrating the shimmering festivities with their near and dear ones.
Some of our wonderful TV actors who are extremely enthused about this years’ Diwali share some of their plan

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