Kuch Toh Hua Hain plays…………….Reporter says seems like Sahir have fallen in love with Arzoo, Ishq Wala Love. Anam is trying to take Sahir on her side. Arzoo is silently started loving Sahir quietly. There will be a twist in the love story.

Sahir thinks if I started loving her and thinks his past don’t allow him to come closer to her. Reporter says seems like he have started loving her. Arzoo is staring Sahir while he is sitting in his cabin.

Sahir says he can’t understand what is happening with him. Arzoo says everyone loves you Sahir Saheb. Anam is making sure that Arzoo stays far from Sahir. Arzoo says I will justify and prove. I am saying I will try.

Reporter tells about the tea cups twist which will bring them closer. Twist is ready to come in their love story. Keep reading.

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