Arzoo designed good clothes, but it needs to market well and that is the challenge. Reporter says Arzoo got a chance to prove herself. She is very talented. Arzoo shows the clothes to the clients. Show Me Your Jalwa plays……..

Sahir gave a chance to Arzoo. He exhibits the designed clothes in a big shopping mall and asks Arzoo to sell all the clothes before a day ends and that’s why Arzoo is worried. Main Pareshan plays…………

Sahir wants to teach a lesson to Arzoo. He wants to explain that talent doesn’t work alone in business, marketing and branding too plays an equal part. He asked Arzoo to exhibit her designs to explain the fact about business.

Sahir and Arzoo give the interview. Reporter says Arzoo learnt it quickly and sell the designs. Sahir says we are incomplete without each other. They met the fans and interacted with them. Arzoo gets happy giving autographs.

Reporter asks Arzoo not to forget about marketing and branding knowledge. Keep reading.

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