Sahir is seen sprinkling kerosene on the decorated walls and home after his marriage. Reporter says the one who gets jealous by doubting on his lover is called Arzoo’s Sahir. She says he is habituated to walk on the fire since he walks before. First he poses holding the kerosene and then asks for Arzoo’s hand. He threatens her that he will play with the fire and burn her house and family.

Reporter says he couldn’t light the match stick. He tried this dangerous thing to make Arzoo agree. He didn’t get successful and gets slapped by Arzoo. Arzoo leaves from the place. Sahir didn’t accept defeat and shows her DNA report of Zaki. Arzoo starts laughing and Zaki tears the papers ofscreen. Sahir is laughing ofscreen, but he have to think something to be Arzoo’s humsafar. Keep reading.

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