Jasmin Bhasin’s natural glow will refresh your parched souls; check out her unmissable PICS here…

Currently trending for her game stints, indoor-shenanigans and romantic camaraderie with rumoured beau Hindi TV actor Aly Goni; Bigg Boss 14’s Jasmin Bhasin is one of the strongest contestants in the show right now.

Despite her on-screen charm and child-like confidence as show-stealers, she may not be an actress with the camera-appealing most striking facial features. However, what actually changes the game is her non-makeup natural glow, which outshines her make-up looks. This glow of hers is so refreshing that it actually leaves behind a refreshing effect in the minds of the on-lookers.

Also, people do get the urge to pull her soft-cheeks just like how it’s demonstrated in every Ponds’ cold-cream’s commercials.

Wonder what does she apply to maintain that virgin baby-glow?

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