Golmaal song plays……….Pragya tells Dadi that Abhi is unwell and the cold is coming out of his eyes. Dadi’s s friend asks her to hug Abhi. Abhi shivers while Pragya tries to take care of him. Abhi says, this AC was working on -20. My Dadi’s have taken disadvantages of the facilities. Pragya laughs.

Reporter says, Abhi is fine. Actually he is acting to get unwell. He is shivering fakely. Dadi and her friends reach the hotel room. Abhi fits Tanu in the AC bed space, to hide her from Dadi and her friends. Abhi tells that Tanu was in Khatron Ki Khiladi. Pragya says, they are friends onscreen also.

Reporter says, when they reach there saw Pragya sweating. Dadi asks them to switch on the AC. Abhi starts shivering to cover up the act. Pragya supported Abhi. Dadi and her friends are doubtful that some girl is inside. Pragya and Abhi tried to clear the doubt. It will be interesting to watch their drama. Keep reading.

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