Pragya is unhappy while asking for divorce from Abhi while Aaliya is very happy. Dil Jude Bina Hi toot gaye plays………………Reporter says She came to Abhi’s house with dreams in her eyes but now she is getting separated from Abhi. She is getting divorce from Abhi.

Jag Soona Soona Lage plays………Reporter says Abhi’s family tries to stop them from taking divorce. Pragya says they have made up their mind. Pragya says she is fed up pf Abhi’s warnings. Reporter says so many lawyers have come to get them divorce. Abhi says they will have settlement for alimony. Reporter says Abhi is having party with Tanu and Aaliya.

Tanu says they are happy. Aaliya says their MMS plan have been successful. Reporter says twist can come in any time. May be Tanu and Aaliya have to cry and Pragya will get happiness again. Keep reading.

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