Pragya comes to her room and sees Tanu caressing Abhi’s face. She gets heart broken and cries. Abhi is sleeping and doesn’t know about the happening around her. Jag Suna Suna plays………..Reporter says Pragya’s dreams have been shattered seeing Tanu with Abhi. He says Rockstar is drunk and sleeps on Tanu’s lap. He has become angry and doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Abhi says he don’t want to talk to anyone. Tanu says she is pregnant. Abhi and Pragya had a fight and that’s why he drank wine.

Reporter says everything is done by Tanu. Tanu conspires with Aaliya to make Pragya leave the house. Tanu says she wants to marry Abhi as she is pregnant. Reporter says what will happen when Tanu’s fake pregnancy reveals to Abhi. Tanu says she is taking her own steps. Pragya reminds Tanu that she is his wife and asks her not to bring her illegimate children in between them. She says she will fight for her love. Keep reading.

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