Pragya cries seeing Abhi’s pic and talks to him. She says she is doing all this for him, how can he misunderstand her. She breaks down and says she is still his Pragya.

Offscreen Pragya says she felt she will get Abhi after this makeover. Abhi has left home in anger. Pragya is crying again, as she has done this property snatching drama to teach lesson to Tanu and Aaliya, but she did not know Abhi will leave home.

She can’t tell him the complete truth as of now and has to carry on the drama. She can’t involve Abhi as Aaliya is his sister.

The reporter says she can take Abhi’s help in her drama to expose Tanu and Aaliya. Tanu makes Abhi against Pragya and fills his ears. She asks him not to leave home, as Pragya will laugh on him, as she sad said she will punish everyone if they go against her.

Pragya calls Abhi and commands him, to make him believe her change. The reporter says Abhi and Pragya got away again. Pragya says she thought to take Dadi’s help and stopped by knowing Dadi’s bad health. Keep reading.

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