Maharana partap is coming for his engagement with Ajabde. Even though choti maa tried hard enough to aggravate the situation but couldn’t halt the engagement.

On screen, Maharana partap enters the hall whilst the women perform on traditional song ‘ayoray maro dholna’.

Reporter says, the moment for which Maharana Partap and whole Raj family waited long has finally come. Partap is getting engaged to Ajabde. This has made everyone glad.

Off screen, Phool Kunwar says we are so content that ajabde and partap are getting engaged. This is what they all have been longing for.

Ajabde dresses in a royal bridal dress and looks no less than a queen. The jewelry and the royal necklace looks elegant on her.
Phool kunwar says we are dresses according to the event and we are so glad.

Kunwar partap is dressed in a green sherwani and looks like a perfect king.

Off screen, Kunwar partap says, i have never worn this much stuff in my whole life. He shows his sword and the inner and outer dress.

Both mothers of partap look amazing as per the event. Princess was busy talking to rani. She later sits on the throne with partap and they compliment each other.

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