Mohan replaces Ishant as Lord Ganesh in Colors’ Shani

Colors’ leading mythological offering, Karmphal Data Shani produced by Swastik has been enthralling the viewers by highlighting various aspects of Lord Shani’s (Kartikey Malviya) life.
Viewers have witnessed Shani’s tryst with Simhika (Sudha chandran) where Hanuman (Krish Chauhan) and Ganesha have played a pivotal role in helping Shani succeed. Initially, child actor Ishant Bhanushali was roped in to portray the character of Lord Ganesha. However, going forward Mohan Sharma will step into Ishant’s shoes to play the character of the lord of wisdom.
As the story continues, a fight between Shani and Hanuman unfolds leaving Kakol terrified and he leaves for Suraylok to seek help.
As the fight continues, every time that Shani attacks Hanuman, Mahadev (Tarun Khanna) experiences pain and discomfort. Eventually, Kakol seeks Lord Ganesha’s (Mohan Sharma) help to stop the fight.
How will Lord Ganesha’s intervention protect Shani and Hanuman from one another?
This is one question whose answer is in the episodes to be aired and we can’t wait!

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