Ravi to don a Sardar look on &TV’s Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi

The House of Original’s popular daily Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi that airs on &TV, now gears up for some interesting twist in its upcoming episodes.
The good looking and popular actor Waseem Mushtaq has recently made an entry on the show as Ravi. He is playing Suman’s (Sonali Nikam) first husband.
The loyal viewers of the show would know how Ravi has been away from the family from the last five years and now we hear that he will get to meet all of them very soon but in a different way.
Our source informs us, “Ravi will disguise himself as a Sardar and enter Suman’s house just to meet his family members with whom he hasn’t met for years.”
This will surely bring out some interesting twists ahead in the tale.
Wasim told , “It has a been a good experience playing this interesting character. I was getting irritated with the turban and the beard but that’s a part of our job. Nobody on the sets could recognize me in this look and it was quite fun playing it.”
Wow! Seems the viewers are going to have a gala time watching this sequence.
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