Naagin is ending on 5th June. Ritik keeps his head on Shivanya tummy and feels his baby. Shivanya is going to be mum. Ritik is happy and congratulates her. Shivanya feels dizzy and gets vomiting sensation. Ritik makes her understand that it is time to go to hospital.

Offscreen Ritik thanks the audience for keeping Naagin on number 1, and thanked production team also.

He says we always knew that it was a finite series, but the episodes increased, but now first season is ending and we are looking forward to season 2. The baby naagin is on the way, and will be unique for sure.

The next season of Naagin from start from Shivanya and Ritik’s baby who can be icchadhari naagin or can be human fully.

In this season, Shivanya has sacrificed much for Ritik and naag mani. Shivanya will kill Shesha and madhumakhi rani, and will start a family with Ritik.

Reporter hopes that Naagin season 2 will have more twist and drama. Shesha thanks everyone for the support and says good bye. Keep reading.

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