Dolly’s wedding time has finally come. Everyone is glad and celebrates the auspicious occasion.

Reporter says, Nisha and her cousins are having good time. They keep having fun all the time, but this time there is comedy attached too. Dolly is getting married and the groom’s family has reached as well. The groom has gathered everyone’s attention as he is wearing skates on his own wedlock. Dada ji asked him what is it ? Dolly says this is my love’s proof. Both, bride and groom are wearing skates. When they try to make each other wear the garland, they end up going in wrong directions. The groom makes the maid wear the garland. While Dolly collides with her mother in law. The hall bursts in laughter. Finally, they wear the garlands. This was actually the idea of Nisha and her cousins. As the groom was drunk they asked him to wear skates so no one will think he is drunk.

Dolly tells the reporter, the dress I’m wearing is extremely beautiful. This is made with stone work in golden. The shows her jewelry as well. She says I like this look a lot.

On the other hand, it was noted that Nisha’s leg is fractured. Nisha tells the reporter, I fell down while running in a scene. The writers have changed the script because of my fracture.

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