Sanam is seen bandaging Ahil’s wounds. Pooche Jo Koi Mera Naam Dun…..plays. Ahil looks in Sanam’s eyes. Reporter says, World wants to know Ahil and Sanam’s love. When they get closer cupid stuck.

When Sanam looks in Ahil eyes then why Ahil’s hairs starts blowing. Ahil pulls Sanam closer to her and they have an eye lock. Reporter says, If you wants to add life to your love then one must have a hair blower and a music system. He says, you can only hear music and their hair blows.

Ahil says, she is taking care of me very well. Trying to become my wife. Sanam says she is responsible wife. Reporter talks about Avni who is Ahil’s friend. She came to wish him on his birthday. Keep reading.

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