Reporter says look at Sunehri’s million dollar smile as it is because of the twist coming in the show. She says today Sanam and Sunehri will meet each other. Sunehri asks Sanam about her. Razia tells Sanam about Sunehri. Reporter says Sanam meets Sunehri after escaping from Razia. They talk to each other.

Sunehri says you didn’t know anything. Sanam and Sunehri hug each other. Surbhi says it is a tricky scene and she didn’t enjoy. It was difficult to shoot the double role. Sunheri attacks Sanam with the plate. Reporter says before Sunehri’s secret comes out infront of Aahil, she got Sanam unconscious. Aahil says she did the scene well.

Reporter says Karan is getting crazy about Surbhi’s acting. Surbhi says she loves to play the character. Reporter says Aahil might be happy as he gets beautiful wife and sister in law. Aahil calls her hotty. Reporter says Sanam will be trapped by Razia again. Keep reading.

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