Tanveer gets worried as Sanam faints and rushes to her. She prays for Sanam to get well. Tanveer comes to know that if Sanam dies, she will lose all her property. Tanveer says I was against Sanam before, but now I have to save her because of money. Reporter says Tanveer will save Sanam as Aahil’s new Sanam will attack Sanam. Sanam enters the room to get flowers for Aahil and faints because of the poisonous gas in his room.

Tanveer is behind this attack and later comes to know that Sanam’s life is very valuable for her. She enters the room and takes her out. She is happy that Sanam is alive and thanks God. New Sanam will plan to kill Sanam as she gets jealous to see her with Aahil. Reporter says Tanveer will come to know that Sanam and Sunehri are twin sisters. Keep reading.

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