Ahem comes to temple, Gopi takes a red dupata from a bag. Mansi grasps it from her. Gopi says you are the guest here but that doesn’t mean that you will do whatever you want. Mansi says this is my and Ahem’s matter, you don’t need to intrude. Gopi says no its not, its his family’s matter. They are fighting to sit in pooja with Ahem. Mansi says you will sit with him forcefully? Gopi says I am saying that only Ahem will do this pooja. She came with her wedding dupatta and says pandit ji we can place it there with sid.
The pooja is for Ahem’s granddad’s anniversary.

After pooja ahem said, don’t think Gopi that everything will be okay. I sat here with no drama for dada ji.

Off screen: Ahem says they wanted me to come to modi house for pooja. I asked them to do it in some temple. Mansi says Gopi is very strong headed, she wont let me sit with Ahem.

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